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One Income

Keep working? Stay home and raise the kids? Brad Jenkins on his family’s transition from two paychecks to one income. Read more

Is There a Case for Actively Managed Funds?

The verdict is in: Don’t invest in active funds. Dan Solin argues the pros of passive management in this Wall Street Journal debate: Read more

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Apart From the Herd

Don’t be afraid to stand apart from the herd. Carl Richards on how, in today’s world, what feels safe is often risky, and what feels risky is often safe. Read more

Transforming a Money Memory

BAM ALLIANCE member Monica Jennings on how revisiting events of the past can influence your current relationship with money. Read more

A Relationship with Money as a Quest

Goals are great, but does the concept of a “quest” better capture life’s larger issues? Brian Hufford puts “The Happiness of Pursuit” into financial context for medical professionals. Read more

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