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ETFs A Double-Edged Sword

Since their introduction in the mid-1990s, exchange-traded funds have become popular investment vehicles due to their low transaction costs, intraday liquidity and tax efficiency. By mid-2016, they represented roughly 10 percent of the market capitalization of securities traded on U.S.… Read more

Sorting Through The Factor Zoo

Larry Swedroe unpacks a new study on which exhibits are (and aren’t) worth visiting. Read more

Hacking Your 401(k): Three Ways to Maximize Your Savings

Tim Maurer shares three ways to maximize retirement savings. Read more

Active Management and Global Equity Funds: Does it Work Better?

Larry Swedroe reviews the research on performance of active global equity funds. Read more

Reports of the Death of the American Retirement Dream are Greatly Exaggerated

Tim Maurer explores three ways to help you make the most of today’s retirement reality. Read more

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