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Should You Pay For Financial Advice?

Carl Richards tells Jean Chatzky that like a great doctor, a great financial advisor should listen carefully, ask good questions and tell it like it is. Read more

Lessons In ‘The Happiness of Pursuit’ From Chris Guillebeau

“The Happiness of Pursuit”: Tim Maurer reviews the book by Chris Guillebeau. What are YOU pursuing? Read more

Here’s the latest failing grade for active funds

When it comes to the success of active funds, Larry Swedroe thinks Yogi Berra said it best. . .It’s déjà vu all over again! Read more

Jared Kizer asks: Are some bond fund prices stale?

Jared Kizer warns that stale bond prices open the door for speculators and hurt investors’ bottom lines: Read more

Jim Whiddon reviews A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

Right brainers unite! Jim Whiddon reviews A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink and shares why Pink thinks readers are leaders, and how perspective can be more important than IQ when it comes to professional success. Read more

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