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In Assessing 2015 Goals, Be Wary of ‘Risk Creep’

Take a small risk. Things go well. Increase risk. Repeat until failure. Carl Richards takes on the hidden dangers of “risk creep.” Read more

The BAM ALLIANCE Welcomes Advisor and Author Manisha Thakor

What truly inspires author and advisor Manisha Thakor? Find out with this in-depth look at what motivates The BAM ALLIANCE’s new Director of Wealth Strategies for Women. Read more

Author, Speaker and Financial Advisor Manisha Thakor Named Director of Wealth Strategies for Women

Nationally known author, speaker and women’s wealth advocate Manisha Thakor, CFA, has joined The BAM ALLIANCE as Director of Wealth Strategies for Women. Read more

Three Estate Planning Documents Everyone Needs

The most common estate planning mistake is the simplest to correct: Do it. Get started with these three basic estate planning documents Manisha Thakor says every investor needs. Read more

Why It Keeps Getting Tougher To Beat Index Funds

Author Andrew Hallam talks with Larry Swedroe about his new book, “The Incredible Shrinking Alpha,” and the reasons behind why it’s getting so much tougher to beat the market. Read more

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