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Simple Financial Solutions Often Beat the Complex Ones

Stop confusing simple with easy. Carl Richards on why the simple solution, which might force us to face some difficult truths, can do far more for us financially than complex could ever dream of. Read more

Index Fund Folly!

The research on Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) funds all points in the same direction: poor and often inconsistent returns. Larry Swedroe on why disciplined rebalancing is a better way to diversify across asset classes. Read more

Currency Hedging? Individual Investors Shouldn’t Bother

Look to the long term. Manisha Thakor on why individual investors generally shouldn’t bother with currency hedging. Read more

“The One-Page Financial Plan”: Simple, But Not Simplistic

Embrace the effectively simple. Avoid the shallowly simplistic. Tim Maurer on how a new book from Carl Richards, “The One-Page Financial Plan,” can help you separate the immaterial from the essential. Read more