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People Ignore 80% of What Their Advisor Tells Them. Here’s Why.

Can we have your attention please? Tim Maurer shares why too many investors ignore their advisor. Read more

What the Top 30 Personal Finance/Wealth Influencers Know That You Don’t

The social network: Carl Richards and Manisha Thakor rub elbows with Dave Ramsey, Jean Chatsky, Suze Orman and others on a recent list of Top Social Influencers in Personal Finance and Wealth. Read more

Tim Maurer on Human Behavior and Personal Finance

BAM Alliance Director of Personal Finance Tim Maurer shares in a new Q&A with that it’s always more personal than it is finance. Read more

Why Jack Bogle is Right to Distrust ETFs

Does the ability to trade ETFs tempt investors into boom-and-bust behavior? Larry Swedroe shares the findings of a Yale Study in Barron’s blog. Read more

How To Be Happy in Retirement

What do Dan Solin and Pharrell Williams have in common? When it comes to retirement, they both know happiness is the truth. Read more

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