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Market Peaks

BAM ALLIANCE member Joe Pitzl on the intersection of financial paralysis, (over)confidence and complacency. Read more

The Most Important Money Question

Why is money important to you? The CFA Institute’s Lauren Foster on how Carl Richards unpacks the vital and foundational question of “Why?” in his new book, “The One-Page Financial Plan.” Read more


What does the growing trend toward automation mean for financial advice? Jim Whiddon unpacks Nicholas Carr’s “The Glass Cage” and concludes the advisor relationship can’t be replaced by computers. Read more

A Mystery in Hedge Fund Investing

Despite terrible performance and outrageous expenses, people continue to invest in hedge funds. That’s an awfully strange pattern. Carl Richards looks for some help in understanding why it occurs. Read more

Are you financially ready for retirement?

In terms of savings withdrawal rates, 3 percent may be the new 4 percent. Larry Swedroe discusses ways to protect your standard of living, and stretch your nest egg, far into retirement. Read more

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