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Closing the Gender Gap: Financial Life Planning for Women

Bridging the gender gap. Joanna Nowak on ways for women to forge a joyful future through financial life planning: Read more

Election-Year Politics and Stock Market Forecasts

What happens to stocks if Trump wins come November? Kevin Grogan on election-year politics and market forecasts. Read more

CAPE 10 Ratio In Need Of Context

Larry Swedroe on how tweaking the CAPE 10’s time horizon can greatly affect our view of market valuations. Read more

Choose Experiences Over Stuff, and Maybe Over Security Too

More people are choosing experience over stuff, and maybe over security too. Carl Richards asks, “What if?” Read more

A Simple Strategy Your Broker Hopes You Won’t Learn

Cost matters. Dan Solin on evidence showing fees are one of the few reliable predictors of success. Read more

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