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A Stock Tip That Went Horribly Wrong

Even “pros” can’t reliably pick “winners.” Dan Solin traces one stock tip that went terribly wrong. Read more

Rip-offs on a Massive Scale

Why settle for ruining the retirement dreams of one individual investor at a time when doing so on a massive scale is far more lucrative? Read more

It’s Still Open Season on Retirement Plan Participants

Here’s the problem with the new rule. It has massive loopholes the securities and insurance industries will exploit to continue “business as usual.” The devil is in the details. Read more

A Simple Strategy Your Broker Hopes You Won’t Learn

Cost matters. Dan Solin on evidence showing fees are one of the few reliable predictors of success. Read more

A Bold Way to Pick “Winners”

Forget past performance as a metric to select mutual funds, because it just doesn’t work. Dan Solin unpacks new research and suggests a better way to invest responsibly. Read more

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