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Who Will Raise Your Kids If You Can’t?

BAM ALLIANCE member Michael Evans has some practical steps, and thoughtful guidance, to help you navigate a particularly gut-wrenching area of estate planning: Choosing the right guardian for your minor children. Read more

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Steps To Help Your Aging Parents With Their Finances

BAM ALLIANCE member Stuart Vick Smith with five planning tips for helping an older parent get their financial house in order. Read more

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Three Estate Planning Documents Everyone Needs

The most common estate planning mistake is the simplest to correct: Do it. Get started with these three basic estate planning documents Manisha Thakor says every investor needs. Read more

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Stressed-Out Gen X and the Search For a More ‘Livable’ Life

Four maxims from Tim Maurer that just may help stressed-out Gen Xers in search of a more “livable” life find security and happiness. Read more

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The “Hit By The Bus” Binder

Planning for the unthinkable: BAM ALLIANCE member Brain Zdrowak on preparing your financial plan for a worst-case scenario. Read more

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