Focused Financial Management, LLC

BAM ALLIANCE Member, Baton Rouge, LA

Since 1999, Focused Financial Management has specialized in building close relationships with individuals and families in Baton Rouge and surrounding communities.

Focused on You and Your Goals

We replace the usual product pitches you see coming out of Wall Street with clear, plain-spoken advice that is, first and foremost, in your highest financial interest. We show you how to shift the action away from chasing market trends (an expensive and often fruitless pursuit) and toward investing according to your personal financial goals, guided by academic evidence and informed purpose.

Focused on Our Community

Our business roots run deep, among and part of our community. Brent Salter, CPA/PFS began his financial career at his father’s accounting firm in 1979. To continue enhancing our client care and outreach, we merged with another local firm in 1996 to form Provost, Salter, Harper & Alford. From there, Brent (in cooperation with his PSHA partner Ken Alford, CPA) founded Focused Financial to bridge an important gap for their accounting clients, who were struggling to find robust answers to their greater wealth management questions.

Focused on What Matters

Today, we relish the opportunity to serve our existing clients as well as reaching out to forge new relationships. Combining our own seasoned experience and strong local ties with the BAM ALLIANCE growing network of national thought leaders, we help people like you make sense of their most pressing financial questions, challenges and opportunities.

Are you ready to focus on what matters? Contact us today.

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  • Wealth Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Business Planning Strategies
  • Philanthropic Strategies
  • Legacy and Estate Planning


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