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Artistic Children Follow a Different Career Path

Ways to support artistic children who choose to follow a different career path with Germaine Weldon. Read more

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Parents of Career Artists Have a Unique Perspective on Financial Support

BAM ALLIANCE member Germaine Giani Weldon explores the challenges and rewards for parents of children who have chosen an artistic career path. Read more

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Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Making the Right Financial Decisions for Retirement — Germaine Giani Weldon

Member Germaine Giani Weldon discusses making financial decisions in Journal of South Mississippi Business article.
Read more

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Reimagine the Possibilities: Working During Retirement – Germaine Giani Weldon

Germaine Giani Weldon, AVL WealthCare, Gulfport, MS Turn on the television any day, and you’ll hear enough bad news to turn your stomach. If you are in your 50s, and you are listening to this news while perusing your retirement… Read more

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Acting as an Investment Steward: Rules of the Road for Nonprofit Board Members – Germaine Giani Weldon

Germaine Giani Weldon, AVL WealthCare, LLC, Gulfport, MS When you are successful in business, many people admire you. Specifically, charities and nonprofits wish to harvest the same level of commitment and expertise that contributed to your success as a businessperson… Read more

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