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Winning The Big One

As the anniversary of D-Day fast approaches, Jim Whiddon unpacks author Molly Manning’s “When Books Went to War” and offers his perspective on the history-changing power of the written word. Read more

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Lessons Worth Learning

Jim Whiddon with three key life lessons from the Booker T. Washington biography “Then Darkness Fled” Read more

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What does the growing trend toward automation mean for financial advice? Jim Whiddon unpacks Nicholas Carr’s “The Glass Cage” and concludes the advisor relationship can’t be replaced by computers. Read more

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Jim Whiddon on the Potentially Life-Changing Words of Adam Smith

Investing can be more about behavior and less about the numbers. Jim Whiddon on this and other important financial lessons he took away from Russ Roberts’ fascinating book, “How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life.” Read more

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Jim Whiddon on UnRetirement

How seniors will recharge our nation’s entrepreneurial energy: Jim Whiddon unpacks Chris Farrell’s fascinating book, Unretirement: How Baby Boomers are Changing the Way We Think About Work, Community and the Good Life: Read more

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