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BAM Advisor Services Joins Forces With Loring Ward

BAM Advisor Services, part of the Buckingham Family of Financial Services, is thrilled to announce that we have agreed to join forces with Loring Ward! This transaction represents the coming together of two leaders in the Advisor Services industry.

After the closing of the transaction, which is anticipated for later in 2018 and subject to customary closing conditions, the combined organization will serve more than 300 Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and thousands of financial advisors across the United States – advisors who, collectively, serve tens of thousands of individual clients.  As a result of this transaction, the Buckingham Family of Financial Services will add $17B in regulatory AUM.

But this is a story of much more than numbers. This transaction represents the uniting of similar cultures, seasoned leadership, talented teams, and a wide range of operational, investment, and practice management offerings that will help financial advisors achieve more for their businesses and deliver more for their clients.

Buckingham Family of Financial Services CEO Adam Birenbaum and Loring Ward CEO Alex Potts share a professional comradery going back many years. The fact that it’s evolved into a true partnership is something that will benefit associates and clients of both organizations. Birenbaum says, “Alex and I have shared a mutual respect personally and professionally for many years. Our organizations share the same commitment to doing the right things for clients at all times and have each worked hard to create a value-based culture where associates thrive and clients are well cared for.”

From Alex Potts’ perspective, it was a like-mindedness in their cultures, investment methodology and the way each organization cared for advisors that made the merger such a good fit. “We are thrilled to have found a partner who, like us, built a business model that is focused on putting others’ needs ahead of our own, one built on helping advisors deliver an exceptional experience to their clients,” he says.

The joining of forces between BAM Advisor Services and Loring Ward will address a central challenge for today’s financial advisor. “In today’s climate, adding value to end-clients’ lives requires offering far more than just investment management.  It demands delivering a wide-ranging, holistic client experience, enabling clients to plan and solve for life’s most complex financial challenges,” says Birenbaum. By joining forces, advisor clients of BAM and Loring Ward will benefit from the depth of each business’ knowledge and experience, the ability to leverage that knowledge through their content and technology platforms, and the close-knit community of advisors who share best practices with each other every day.

“Our shared mission, experience and respective strengths mean when it comes to BAM and Loring Ward, one plus one can equal three. We cannot wait to see where this union takes us, our team and the advisors we serve,” says Birenbaum.

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