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Advanced Planning

Wealth management works hand in hand with portfolio management, adding value beyond the importance of a prudent investment philosophy. The experience begins with crafting a holistic plan designed to help you in achieving your vision of financial success. That customized… Read more

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Long-Term Care Needs: Self-Insuring Versus Long-Term Care Insurance — Aaron Vickar

Aaron Vickar lays out the benefits of planning for long-term care needs and what it really means to “self-insure.” Should those who are financially independent consider self-insuring for possible long-term care (LTC) needs? Just because someone can self-insure doesn’t necessarily… Read more

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The Secrets to Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits: Best Options Depend on Individual Circumstances – Stephen High

Stephen High, Kraft Asset Management, LLC, Nashville, TN One of the greatest fears of older Americans today is running out of money during retirement. An important part of most retirees’ income is social security benefits. Unfortunately, most retirees fail to… Read more

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