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How My Investing Philosophy Changed in My 40s

When I was quite young, somewhere around age 11, my dad sat me down with his HP 12C calculator. He showed me what keystrokes to use to see how my money would grow in a hypothetical situation, one where I was able to fully fund my IRA (which back then had a $2,000-a-year annual contribution limit) annually from that age forward. He then showed me how to “stress test” it. We ran the calculations for various different potential rates of return.

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As the Director of Wealth Strategies for Women at Buckingham and the BAM ALLIANCE, Manisha is an ardent advocate of financial literacy for women. She is passionate about providing the financial wisdom that women and families need to redefine their relationship with money, helping them create lives aligned with their values and goals through a program of integrated, holistic financial life planning and evidence-based investment management.

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