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Fixed Income Quick Take: What Is a Bond Ladder?

Laddered bond portfolios can be customized to meet each investor’s unique needs. Plus, they help reduce the risk associated with investing in fixed income. Fixed Income Advisor Blerina Hysi on the benefits of a well-structured bond ladder.

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Blerina Hysi understands that every little bit counts, and even the smallest sums can add up over time to create a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of her clients. That’s why shopping for yield and the search for bonds even a few basis points cheaper becomes an exciting, and rewarding, opportunity.

As a Fixed Income Advisor, Blerina works with BAM’s fixed income and advisory teams to help construct and maintain customized client bond portfolios, all with an eye toward finding the best way to implement the client’s comprehensive financial plan. Her duties include fixed income analysis, bond trading and building tailored, client-focused portfolio solutions.

Prior to joining BAM in 2012, Blerina served as a fixed income product specialist with Wells Fargo Advisors, where she became the first point of contact for advisors seeking guidance on all fixed income products. She also traded secondary municipal bonds and was involved with new issue preferred stock and treasury auctions. Before that, she worked at Reliance Bank as a commercial loan administrator and compliance specialist.

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