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Persistence Among Active Funds Is Hard To Come By

Larry Swedroe unpacks highlights from the most recent SPIVA scorecard that offer still more powerful evidence of active management’s continued failure to persistently outperform. Read more

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Have We Reached the Tipping Point in the Active Versus Passive Debate?

The momentum building behind passive investing has been relentless, but also relatively slow. Larry Swedroe explains why, as the trend accelerates, a tipping point may have been reached. Read more

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Market Efficiency Doesn’t Matter

Passive strategies still outperform in inefficient markets. Read more

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Market Strategy: Active vs. Passive Investing

The merit of passive investing. Larry Swedroe goes on Bloomberg TV to talk market strategy. Read more

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Avoid The Famous & Authoritative

If you’re going to listen to experts, make sure it’s the right ones. Read more

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