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Volatility Drives Retirees to Think Longevity Annuity

Volatility may drive you to think longevity annuity, but there’s a lot to consider. Jared Kizer weighs in on CNBC: Read more

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Buy This Annuity So I Can Take a Cruise

The current controversy over the proposal by the U.S. Department of Labor to impose a fiduciary standard on those who advise retirement plans has little to do with the rule’s merit. Read more

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Variable Annuities: Explaining the Income Guarantee

Variable annuities with an income guarantee: Jason Vande Brake on how they work, and some of their potential pitfalls. Read more

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Fiduciary Rule Opponents Are Motivated By Self-Interest

For Dan Solin, arguments that the U.S. Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule will hurt small investors just don’t add up. Read more

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Five Key Investment Strategies for Women

The data indicates that women live longer, work longer and retire later than men. Manisha Thakor weighs in on how that can impact an investment strategy. Read more

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