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3 Factor Investing Myths

Larry Swedroe digs into the myths surrounding factor-based strategies and provides guidance for those worried about how they could affect their overall portfolio. Read more

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Rediscovering the Size Effect

Larry Swedroe on a study that “saves” the size effect by showing it is strengthened when combined with other, newer factors. Read more

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Warren Buffett’s Secret Sauce Loses Its Flavor

Larry Swedroe reviews factor research and compares fund results to better understand the sources of Berkshire Hathaway’s outperformance (or recent underperformance, as the case may be). Read more

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Testing the Fama-French Five-Factor Model

Larry Swedroe on Eugene Fama and Kenneth French’s new test of their five-factor model. Read more

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When False Factors Are Exposed

The “factor zoo” and alpha turned beta. Larry Swedroe on what happens to anomaly returns post-publication. Read more

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