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A Factor with Caveats

The low-beta anomaly may be persistent and pervasive across the globe, but, Larry Swedroe writes, research shows its returns are explained well by other now-common factors and its premium is dependent on certain circumstances. Read more

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Restoring the Role of Value in Asset Pricing Models

Larry Swedroe examines new research into the role that the value factor plays alongside profitability and investment in pricing assets and influencing returns when the model accounts for cash. Read more

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The Low Volatility Anomaly in Perspective

Larry Swedroe unpacks research into whether other common factors explain the anomaly. Read more

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Beyond Efficient Markets

Larry Swedroe unpacks “Adaptive Markets” by Andrew Lo and his adaptive market hypothesis. Read more

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The Momentum Factor: Fundamental or Price?

Larry Swedroe on a study showing the better strategy may be a factor that pairs fundamental and price momentum. Read more

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