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Deconstructing Invesco’s Performance

Barron’s ranked Invesco highly over multiple periods. But how does the family perform against passive benchmarks or investments? Read more

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Index Fund Booster Takes a Victory Lap

Dan Solin is now a weekly contributor at Daily Finance! Check out his first post here: Read more

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Why Jack Bogle is Right to Distrust ETFs

Does the ability to trade ETFs tempt investors into boom-and-bust behavior? Larry Swedroe shares the findings of a Yale Study in Barron’s blog. Read more

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Beyond Bogle Lies … What, Exactly? BAM ALLIANCE’s Jared Kizer Featured in Barron’s Focus on Funds Video of the Week

Jared Kizer talks with Barron’s Jack Otter about exchange-traded funds in this Focus on Funds video. Read more

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Articles From Dan Solin and Larry Swedroe Included on Barron’s List of Best Reading in Fund Investing

An article by Dan Solin on choosing mutual fund managers and an article by Larry Swedroe on absolute-return funds were included on Barron’s list. View the Barron’s Article The link above will redirect you from the BAM ALLIANCE site to… Read more

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