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Bear Markets to Be Borne With Equanimity

When faced with stock market volatility, it’s critical to take the long view. Larry Swedroe helps keep things in perspective with a look at why disciplined investors have been rewarded for their patience. Read more

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Avoid The Famous & Authoritative

If you’re going to listen to experts, make sure it’s the right ones. Read more

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Indexing Misleads Investors: Do Active Investors Have an Edge in Bear Markets?

The surest way to win the loser’s game is to not play, be it at the roulette wheel, the craps table or active investing. Read more

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The Active Fund Industry Is Desperate

Much of the massive securities industry is based on this false premise: There are “gurus” or “experts” who can identify mispriced equities, tell you when to get in or out of the market, pick mutual fund managers likely to outperform and are otherwise endowed with predictive powers. Read more

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Why Good Things Sometimes Happen After Bad News

Nothing to see here! Larry Swedroe reminds investors to ignore the news. Read more

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