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New Rule: All Purchases Subject to a 7-Day Mental Quarantine

Cutting the clutter. Carl Richards on his new rule to subject all purchases to a 7-day mental “quarantine. Read more

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The A-Z Investing Glossary: The BAM ALLIANCE Edition

See our informative (and entertaining) investing glossary for an evidence-based take on financial terms from A-Z: Read more

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When Financial Talk Turns Personal

When financial talk turns personal. Carl Richards on dealing with comments about your money decisions. Read more

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How to show clients what they’re missing when they focus on products over plans

Sometimes clients need a reminder they’re not investing because they want to own one of the ’10 hot funds’ Read more

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Setting Aside Shame and Blame in Financial Decisions

The “no shame, no blame” rule. Carl Richards on why shame and blame won’t fix what needs fixing. Read more

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