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More Investing Lessons from 2018

Larry Swedroe resumes his list with 2017’s lessons four through seven. Read more

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Rising Interest Rates and the Impact on Bond Portfolios

Larry Swedroe on why, before some dire forecast causes you to panic over risk in your bond holdings, it’s well worth recalling that the collective wisdom of the market is a very tough competitor. Read more

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The Real Danger in Overstating Returns

How’s Your Portfolio? Tim Maurer explores the real danger of overstating returns–and manages to squeeze in references to PIMCO and Meet the Parents while doing it. Read more

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Markets Keep Defying the Experts and the News

Think the sky is falling? Larry Swedroe explains why the experts can’t predict investment outcomes and why the market improves despite the prognosticators and their headlines: Read more

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Tim Maurer Considers the Question “When Should Investors Return to PIMCO?” on “After the Bell” Segment on Fox Business

Tim Maurer talks about PIMCO with Liz Claman on “After the Bell” on Fox Business. Read more

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