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Complex Instruments Don’t Enhance Bond Fund Performance

Larry Swedroe unpacks recent research that shows, overall, complex investments just don’t have a significant impact on performance. Read more

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The Hidden Costs in Municipal Bonds

The hidden, non-disclosed costs in muni bonds. Fixed Income Portfolio Advisor Kurt Wunderlich on how mark-ups work: Read more

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The Market Humbles Junk Bond Fund Managers

What’s going on with the junk bond market? Tim Maurer on what this liquidity event may mean for investors. Read more

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Fixed Income Quick Take: What Is Duration?

Duration explained. Fixed Income Advisor Steve Wiechel on finding the right duration to balance yield and volatility. Read more

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Portfolio Rebalancing May Sound Boring, But It’s a Powerful Investment Strategy

Rebalancing your portfolio can help reduce risk and increase returns. Manisha Thakor talks best practices on CNBC: Read more

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