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Virtues Of Do It Yourself Bond Laddering

Bond ladder virtues. Larry Swedroe on the benefits of owning a customized laddered municipal bond portfolio. Read more

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The Hidden Costs in Municipal Bonds

The hidden, non-disclosed costs in muni bonds. Fixed Income Portfolio Advisor Kurt Wunderlich on how mark-ups work: Read more

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BAM Alliance Webcast: 10 Lessons the Markets Taught Investors in 2014

From the failure of forecasts to the dangers of recency bias, Larry Swedroe presents ten lessons that investors should have learned from the markets last year in this BAM Alliance webcast. Read more

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In Assessing 2015 Goals, Be Wary of ‘Risk Creep’

Take a small risk. Things go well. Increase risk. Repeat until failure. Carl Richards takes on the hidden dangers of “risk creep.” Read more

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Does Easy Monetary Policy Equal Inflation?

Dire inflation predictions hinged on easy monetary policy fizzle out. . .again. Larry Swedroe explains why. Read more

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