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You’re No Match for Wall Street

Wall Street has an alarming number of shady practices geared to transfer your money to itself. Read more

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Compelling Employees to Make Bad Choices

In my opinion, populating the investment options of a 401(k) plan with expensive, actively managed funds, instead of low management fee index funds, passively managed funds or exchange-traded funds that have higher expected returns, violates the fiduciary duty of plan sponsors. Read more

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Is Stock Picking Back?

Stock picking is back? Really? Larry Swedroe on excuses active managers give for their poor results. Read more

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The Myth of Fund Manager Outperformance

Don’t ignore the weight of evidence. Dan Solin on the myth of active fund manager outperformance. Read more

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The Broker Shell Game on the Fiduciary Issue

Don’t do business with brokers who will not confirm in writing that they are fiduciaries to you. Read more

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