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BAM Intelligence

Why All the Interest in Gold?

A closer look at gold: Larry Swedroe reviews whether some common beliefs about gold really hold up. Read more

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What Mountain Climbing Can Teach You About Business

There’s what we need, then there’s what we really need. Carl Richards on less “stuff” and more “experience.” Read more

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Speculating Versus Investing: The Buying of Individual Stocks

Buying individual stocks is closer to speculating than investing. Larry Swedroe on good and bad risk. Read more

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One Income

Keep working? Stay home and raise the kids? Brad Jenkins on his family’s transition from two paychecks to one income. Read more

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The Wonderful Thing That Happens When a Financial Adviser Tells You the Truth

Breaking the fa├žade. Tim Maurer on how life taught him a hard lesson about showing vulnerability and building trust by being true to himself in an industry that encourages advisors to be anything but. Read more

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