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BAM Intelligence

Here’s How You Should Prepare for That Next Bear Market

Tim Maurer tells CNBC, it’s important to develop a solid investment plan and then prepare to stick with it. Read more

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The Influence of Recent Market Returns on the Risk Tolerance of Individual Investors

The influence of behavioral biases. Larry Swedroe on how the recency effect impacts risk tolerance. Read more

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Volatility Threatens Discipline

Know your financial history. Larry Swedroe on why it can help you stay disciplined amid market volatility. Read more

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Testing Your Mettle: Headlines, Market Swings and Your Financial Plan

Marketing Director Meredith Boggess moderates a proactive discussion and Q&A with Director of Research Larry Swedroe and Chief Investment Officer Jared Kizer. Read more

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Why All the Interest in Gold?

A closer look at gold: Larry Swedroe reviews whether some common beliefs about gold really hold up. Read more

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