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Ignore The Dividend Hype

Ignore the dividend hype. Larry Swedroe on the actual performance of dividend-paying equities so far in 2015. Read more

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Two Predictions You Can Take to the Bank

Many investors will continue to engage in conduct that enriches their brokers and depletes their assets, like stock-picking, market-timing and investing in actively managed mutual funds. Read more

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Another Nail In The Active Coffin

Even over a full market cycle, active management underperforms passive management. Read more

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Ignore Forecasters at All Costs

Just as predictable as the bevy of market forecasters pontificating about what’s to come in 2015 is Larry Swedroe telling you to tune them all out. Read more

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The Bizarro World of Investment Advice

The Bizzaro World of Investment Advice: Be glad you’re not a citizen. Dan Solin ponders on Daily Finance why so many other investors seem to be living there. Read more

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