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Deconstructing Invesco’s Performance

Barron’s ranked Invesco highly over multiple periods. But how does the family perform against passive benchmarks or investments? Read more

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Index Fund Folly!

The research on Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) funds all points in the same direction: poor and often inconsistent returns. Larry Swedroe on why disciplined rebalancing is a better way to diversify across asset classes. Read more

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Don’t Play The Loser’s Game

An AllianceBernstein portfolio manager said active management was the way to go. The evidence says otherwise. Read more

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Don’t Believe The Active Hype

The oldest mutual fund provider stands firmly behind its active management. It really shouldn’t. Read more

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Excuses For Active Managers

Taking issue with an article that seeks to make excuses for the underperformance of active managers in 2014. Read more

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