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Stock Picking Is for Fools (and You’re the Punchline)

Stock picking is a cruel joke and a pretense used to transfer money from your pocket to those who manage it. Read more

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Five Reasons Investopedia is Wrong About Index Funds

“The shell game that is active management is based on the fact that observers tend to confuse luck with skill.” Dan Solin on Daily Finance: Read more

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The One Word That Explains Market Volatility

Surprise! You’ll never guess what word explains market volatility. Dan Solin and Larry Swedroe talk it over on DailyFinance.com: Read more

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The Secret to Investing Success: A Good Case of Amnesia

Dan Solin reviews this and other golden stay-the-course nuggets in his latest piece on investor amnesia. Read more

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Index Fund Booster Takes a Victory Lap

Dan Solin is now a weekly contributor at Daily Finance! Check out his first post here: Read more

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