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The One-Page Financial Plan: 10 Tips for Getting What You Want From Life

To explore your relationship with money, begin by asking why it’s important to you. Carl Richards distills his new book, “The One-Page Financial Plan,” into 10 simple tips for getting what you want out of money, and life. Read more

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Ignore Forecasters at All Costs

Just as predictable as the bevy of market forecasters pontificating about what’s to come in 2015 is Larry Swedroe telling you to tune them all out. Read more

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A Simple Strategy for Investing in ETFs

Analysis paralysis: Larry Swedroe talks to the Wall Street Journal about the potential pitfalls of ETFs: Read more

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Trust Your Instincts. Except in Investing. — Bud Shore

Bud Shore, Shoreline Asset Management, New Castle, Ind. When it comes to investing, your instincts can lead you astray. In this unfamiliar terrain, many of our otherwise-essential instincts turn against us, leading to poor decisions at all the wrong times.… Read more

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