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BAM Intelligence

Indexes Top Europe Managers

S&P’s SPIVA report for Europe compares active managers to their benchmarks. Read more

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Remember To Look Under The Hood

It’s important to understand what’s driving returns in the funds you own. Read more

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Comparing DFA Small Value to Vanguard Small Value

What accounts for the narrowing historical performance between Vanguard’s small value fund and DFA’s small value fund, at least over the past few months? Jared Kizer looks to volatility and real estate to provide an explanation. Read more

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Fearing a bubble? Five worst investing mistakes

Fearing a bubble? Tim Maurer is featured in this CNBC article that shares five investment mistakes to avoid. Read more

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Why Good Things Sometimes Happen After Bad News

Nothing to see here! Larry Swedroe reminds investors to ignore the news. Read more

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