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Re-Examining Emerging Markets Equity

Jared Kizer offers five lessons that reinforce some of the reasons investors should remain committed to a long-term emerging markets equity allocation. Read more

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Keep Calm and Diversify: Manisha Thakor on Steps to Take with Your Portfolio Post-Brexit

Doing nothing amid volatility is a choice in and of itself. Manisha Thakor on what to do about Brexit fears. Read more

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Hedge Funds Miss the Mark

The losing streak continues. Larry Swedroe looks back at the recent (and dismal) performance of hedge funds. Read more

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Look Abroad For Higher Returns

A strong home-country bias can hold back your portfolio’s performance. Read more

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Ignore Liquidity At Your Peril

Liquidity risk is a universal investment risk, and it can be used to an investor’s advantage. Read more

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