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The Stock Picking Era Is Over

I’m sure Jim Cramer will be the last one to leave the burning building, but the era of stock picking is basically over. Read more

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The One-Page Financial Plan: 10 Tips for Getting What You Want From Life

To explore your relationship with money, begin by asking why it’s important to you. Carl Richards distills his new book, “The One-Page Financial Plan,” into 10 simple tips for getting what you want out of money, and life. Read more

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The Biggest Scam of Them All?

Only a tiny percentage of active fund managers demonstrate evidence of skill. Identifying them prospectively is exceedingly difficult and, even if you could do so, it’s unlikely their stellar performance will persist. Read more

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How to Think Like Buffett and Build Your Fortune

Buffett’s likes cheap, safe, high-quality stocks. Here’s how you can find them — or the right mutual funds. Read more

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Is There a Case for Actively Managed Funds?

The verdict is in: Don’t invest in active funds. Dan Solin argues the pros of passive management in this Wall Street Journal debate: Read more

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