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The Value of Pension Plan Investment Consultants

Pension plan sponsors engage investment consultants even though the evidence clearly shows their recommendations fail to add value. Why? Larry Swedroe examines research that concludes there’s an agency problem (that is, a conflict of interest) at work. Read more

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Contributing to the Literature: A Q&A With Jared Kizer and Sean Grover

Contributing to the literature: Jared Kizer and Sean Grover chat about the publication of their new journal article: Read more

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Don’t Buy Winners

Don’t buy the winners. Larry Swedroe on why chasing recent performance is harmful to your financial health. Read more

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Dispelling Myths About Active Management

While the data presented is compelling, there’s yet another problem for active managers. Read more

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Hedge Fund Myths and Misdeeds

Hedge fund myths and misdeeds: Dan Solin on the generally dismal record of hedge fund performance. Read more

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