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Is the Value Premium Really Dead?

Larry Swedroe revisits the data and explains why he thinks it’s difficult to conclude this particular risk premium is gone for good. Read more

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The Crucial Nature of Patience and Diversification

Larry Swedroe explains why new research into the volatility of equity risk premiums shows that patience and factor diversification are crucial. Read more

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What Fewer Stocks Means for Factor Premiums

Fewer stocks today may mean stock picking is dying, but will it doom factor premiums as well. Read more

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Factor-Based Investing: A Q&A With Larry Swedroe

Larry Swedroe discusses his new book and the theory behind factor-based investing in a new Q&A. Read more

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Can Mutual Funds Successfully Adopt Factor Investing Strategies?

Factor investing can add value to your portfolio. However, before you even consider investing in a factor, you should be convinced that the evidence supporting it is persistent across time and economic regimes, as well as pervasive across countries. Read more

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