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Should You Worry About an Inverted Yield Curve?

Do you think Warren Buffett is spending time worrying about a yield curve inversion? Larry Swedroe explains why he suspects not, and offers some reasons that you shouldn’t either. Read more

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An Awakening Bear?

Larry Swedroe offers some points to consider before you succumb to an urge to abandon your well-thought-out financial plan over recent swings in the stock market. Read more

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How Will Rising Interest Rates (Really) Affect You?

How will rising interest rates affect you? Carl Richards and Tim Maurer on the impact for investors: Read more

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Recency Bias Damages Returns

Be wary of overweighting recent events and ignoring the long-term evidence. Larry Swedroe examines this common investing mistake in the context of currency risk and commodities. Read more

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Forecast Follies: 2015 Edition

Forecasting folly. Larry Swedroe keeps track of what the financial gurus predict are the “sure things” to occur in the markets this year. Read more

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