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Race Car Driver Danica Patrick on Finding the Motivation for Financial Responsibility

Tim Maurer chats with race car driver Danica Patrick about her experience finding motivation for financial self-care, and the role that having the right life insurance plays in it. Read more

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Four Financial Challenges Your Loved Ones in the Military May Be Facing

Joe Delaney tackles some unique financial challenges that military members may face. Read more

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MoneyZen Podcast: Divorce in Peace — Attorney Laura Roach Addresses New Ways to Approach Divorce

Manisha Thakor hosts Laura Roach of Divorce in Peace on a new MoneyZen podcast. Read more

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Q&A With Simple Money Author Tim Maurer

Find motivation from within, chart your own course, then follow it. Tim Maurer explains the takeaway readers will get from his new book, “Simple Money.” Read more

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Stay Focused on Your Own Spending, Not the Other Person’s

Focus on what really matters: your own goals and savings plan, not what your neighbor has. Read more

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