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BAM Intelligence

Why All the Interest in Gold?

A closer look at gold: Larry Swedroe reviews whether some common beliefs about gold really hold up. Read more

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Bad Investment Advice Lives Forever on the Internet

The Internet never forgets. Barry Ritholtz weighs in with Larry Swedroe on holding forecasters accountable. Read more

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2015’s “Sure Things” At Halftime

How have those consensus “sure thing” predictions for 2015 turned out so far? Larry Swedroe keeps score on ETF.com Read more

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‘Sure Things’ That Didn’t Pan Out

How well did market forecasters do for the first quarter of the year? (Hint: not that great.) Read more

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Forecast Follies: 2015 Edition

Forecasting folly. Larry Swedroe keeps track of what the financial gurus predict are the “sure things” to occur in the markets this year. Read more

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