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“Free Lunch” Investing Takes Time to Cook

“Free lunch” investing takes time to cook: Larry Swedroe on why global diversification works, eventually. Read more

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‘Familiar’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Safe’

Political and local bias can hurt returns—and investors. Read more

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Look Abroad For Higher Returns

A strong home-country bias can hold back your portfolio’s performance. Read more

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The Biggest Risk Facing Investors

It’s important to make sure your plan is based on the best estimates of future returns. And simply using historical returns isn’t a good methodology because current valuations and yields matter. Read more

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Why Fidelity’s New App Won’t Make You a Better Investor

Fidelity’s new app lets investors “buy what they know.” But is that the best strategy? Larry Swedroe on the problem with confusing what’s familiar with what’s safe. Read more

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