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Hedge Fund Myths and Misdeeds

Hedge fund myths and misdeeds: Dan Solin on the generally dismal record of hedge fund performance. Read more

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The Media (Not the Market) Has Fallen to New Lows

The pundits don’t have a clue why the market lost value or when it will recover. Ignore them. Focus on the long term with a globally diversified portfolio of low management fee index funds. Read more

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Congress Unites to Harm Investors

I believe the stated grounds for opposing the DOL’s rule are a pretense for the securities industry’s real agenda. Read more

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Questions That Need Answers

Investors should understand that some in the financial media are little more than shills for the securities industry. They dispense advice that will benefit their advertisers, at your expense. Don’t be fooled. Read more

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The Broker Shell Game on the Fiduciary Issue

Don’t do business with brokers who will not confirm in writing that they are fiduciaries to you. Read more

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