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Evidence-Based Investing Captures What Traditional Indexing Leaves Behind

Ryan Jennings highlights a few areas where an evidence-based approach can capture what traditional indexing leaves behind. Read more

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Thou Shalt Not Time the Market

Don’t let the wild ride tempt you. Michael Evans on five market timing tactics to avoid (even during downturns): Read more

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Know the Score: Your Choices and Actions Have a Big Impact on Your Credit Score – Tess Rowland

Tess Rowland, Solutions for Wealth Management, Bourbonnais, Ill. Recently, I met with a couple who had been struggling to manage their credit card debt. Together, they had accumulated more than 30 different credit cards, many of which had outstanding balances.… Read more

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Let’s Talk About College Funding: How Do You Finance a Dream? – Michael J. Evans

Michael J. Evans, The Cogent Advisor, Chicago As a concerned parent, I’ve been giving college planning a great deal of thought. As a professional wealth manager, I’ve been familiarizing myself with economic realities; listening to the questions and concerns of… Read more

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