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BAM Intelligence

Evidence-Based Investing Captures What Traditional Indexing Leaves Behind

Ryan Jennings highlights a few areas where an evidence-based approach can capture what traditional indexing leaves behind. Read more

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Active Management’s Surprising Survival

For Larry Swedroe, it’s truly an amazing paradox that so many investors still choose actively managed funds. Fortunately, he writes, more people are taking greater notice of the evidence. Read more

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Iconic Report Supports Index Investing

Larry Swedroe reviews results from the new mid-year 2017 #SPIVA scorecard. Read more

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Are Equal-Weighted Indexes Smart Beta? Do They Add Alpha?

Does equal-weighting an index add alpha? Read more

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A Simple Portfolio That Has Beaten The Pros

Simple, but not necessarily easy. Tim Maurer on how investors willing and able to effectively capture market returns can beat the pros. Read more

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