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Revisiting International Diversification

International diversification has come under attack over the last couple of years as both international developed and emerging markets have underperformed U.S. stocks. Read more

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Beware The Recency Pitfall

The recency pitfall. Larry Swedroe and Kevin Grogan on the peril of chasing recent, short-term performance. Read more

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The Agony and the Ecstasy: Risks and Rewards of a Concentrated Stock Position (Part 2)

The “endowment effect” occurs when a person values something they already own more than something they don’t own yet. Read more

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Avoid Water Cooler Investment Advice

Listening to your co-workers is unlikely to improve the quality of your investments. Larry Swedroe on a new study that examines the role of workplace social interactions on investment decisions. The bottom line? Avoid water cooler advice. Read more

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A Radical Proposal for Investors

What if investors had an independent second opinion? Read more

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