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BAM Intelligence

Robo-advisers make it easier for human advisers to show their true value

Let algorithms do what they’re good at, and focus on helping clients deal with the mess of being human Read more

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What Investors Miss When They Focus on Products Over Plans

Plan, process, then product. Carl Richards on what investors miss when they focus on products over plans. Read more

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How to show clients what they’re missing when they focus on products over plans

Sometimes clients need a reminder they’re not investing because they want to own one of the ’10 hot funds’ Read more

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How to help clients cope when markets get scary

Picking a story that best captures what not to do when markets get wild will benefit your clients Read more

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The Importance of Getting Clients Comfortable with Talking About Their Money

It’s OK. Really. Carl Richards on the importance of getting clients comfortable with talking about money. Read more

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