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‘Fiduci-what?’ Most clients don’t know what the fiduciary duty really means

The more we do to help clients understand conflicts of interest, the better we can serve their interests. Read more

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Remind clients you’re here to help them avoid costly mistakes

Most clients won’t know this adviser duty exists unless you take the time to tell them Read more

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Get clients comfortable with ‘short-term boring, long-term exciting’ investing

By helping clients learn to tune out the noise that doesn’t matter, you’re helping them reduce their anxiety Read more

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Robo-advisers make it easier for human advisers to show their true value

Let algorithms do what they’re good at, and focus on helping clients deal with the mess of being human Read more

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What Investors Miss When They Focus on Products Over Plans

Plan, process, then product. Carl Richards on what investors miss when they focus on products over plans. Read more

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