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Four Myths About Investing in Presidential Election Years

Presidential politics and portfolio performance. Joe Delaney on myths about market behavior in election years. Read more

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The Nominal Price Illusion

Many investors may be negatively affecting their returns due to the anomalous preference for lower-priced stocks. Read more

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The Influence of Recent Market Returns on the Risk Tolerance of Individual Investors

The influence of behavioral biases. Larry Swedroe on how the recency effect impacts risk tolerance. Read more

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Genes, Experience Affect Choices

Value or growth. Larry Swedroe explains why your preference could be both biological and experiential: Read more

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Speaking the Language of Risk

Advisors and investors can mean very different things when they use the term “risk.” Is it variability? Is it uncertainty? Carl Richards on why reconciling our definitions of “risk” can avoid terrible disappointment and bad financial behavior. Read more

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