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Deflation Isn’t Bad for the Economy or for Stocks

Deflation often gets a bad name among investors, but Larry Swedroe unpacks research showing that it isn’t necessarily bad for stocks or the economy. Read more

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New Angles on the Size Premium

Reevaluating the size premium. Larry Swedroe explores how size factor construction impacts captured returns. Read more

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The Influence of Recent Market Returns on the Risk Tolerance of Individual Investors

The influence of behavioral biases. Larry Swedroe on how the recency effect impacts risk tolerance. Read more

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Don’t Be a “Low-Information” Investor

Don’t become prey for the securities industry. Dan Solin on how to be a “high-information” investor. Read more

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Individual Investors Overweight the Probability of Extreme Payoffs

Overweighting the probability of extreme payoffs is bad for returns. Larry Swedroe on new research. Read more

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