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The Peril of Chasing Active Mutual Fund Performance Ratings

Mutual fund rating systems really only do a great job of “predicting” the past. Larry Swedroe reviews the research. Read more

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A Global View of Equity Valuations

Larry Swedroe takes a look at U.S. and international equity valuations, and what the differences between them mean for investors. Read more

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Has the Value Premium Gone Missing?

The value premium looks smaller now than in the past, but don’t give up on it. Larry Swedroe explains why: Read more

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The Disciplined Investor’s Worst Enemy: Tracking Error

The power of disciplined diversification. Tim Maurer’s reaction to tracking error and what it really means for an investor’s long-term financial plan. Read more

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Larry Swedroe featured in SensibleInvesting TV documentary on evidence-based investing

In good company: Sensible Investing TV features Larry Swedroe, William Sharpe, John Bogle and Eugene Fama in the latest installment of the series How To Win A Loser’s Game: Read more

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