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Active Inefficiency Excuse Hollow

Research contradicts the argument that active management outperforms in inefficient markets. Read more

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The Active Fund Industry Is Desperate

Much of the massive securities industry is based on this false premise: There are “gurus” or “experts” who can identify mispriced equities, tell you when to get in or out of the market, pick mutual fund managers likely to outperform and are otherwise endowed with predictive powers. Read more

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Index Fund Booster Takes a Victory Lap

Dan Solin is now a weekly contributor at Daily Finance! Check out his first post here: Read more

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Upcoming Documentary on Evidence-Based Investing to Feature Larry Swedroe and Kevin Grogan

Coming Summer 2014: Documentary featuring Larry Swedroe, Kevin Grogan, Eugene Fama and Jack Bogle from Sensible Investing. Read more

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Why Do Investors Keep Buying Actively Managed Funds?

Larry Swedroe puts the pieces together as he ponders investors and their penchant for actively managed funds. Read more

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