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Family Conversations and Later Life Decisions

BAM ALLIANCE member Brian Zdrowak on his top tips for guiding family conversations and later life decisions. Read more

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Financial Tips for Every Generation

Financial planning through the generations: Stuart Vick Smith discusses tips for each stage of life. Read more

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Guide to Buying Life Insurance at Every Stage of Life

How much coverage is enough? Tim Maurer on calculating your life insurance needs for every stage of life. Read more

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Long-Term Care Needs: Self-Insuring Versus Long-Term Care Insurance — Aaron Vickar

Aaron Vickar lays out the benefits of planning for long-term care needs and what it really means to “self-insure.” Should those who are financially independent consider self-insuring for possible long-term care (LTC) needs? Just because someone can self-insure doesn’t necessarily… Read more

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Avoiding a Long-Term Care Crisis: Planning Is the Only Cure – Stephen High

Stephen High, Kraft Asset Management, LLC, Nashville, TN Long-term care may soon overtake Social Security and Medicare as our country’s most pressing social challenge. With an enormous and rapidly aging baby boom population and the rising cost of delivering healthcare,… Read more

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