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Code Name: Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo simulation was first developed by scientists working on the top-secret Manhattan Project, but since then it has been widely applied elsewhere, including as a way to model the resiliency of your financial life plan. Read how we use Monte Carlo tools to stress test your plan against a range of potential scenarios to account for the risk and uncertainty inherent to investing. Read more

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Do Price Multiples Predict Market Returns?

Larry Swedroe reviews the research on how the predictive power of dividend-to-price ratios has been fading. Read more

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The Influence of Recent Market Returns on the Risk Tolerance of Individual Investors (Part 2)

Unpacking more new research. Larry Swedroe explains how recent returns can impact risk tolerance. Read more

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Know-Nothing Investors Outperform Know-Somethings — Larry Swedroe

Larry Swedroe says, in the tradition of the tortoise, these investors with have fared better than their hare counterparts. Read more

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The American Funds Advantage? — Jared Kizer

Jared Kizer says modesty is a must if generic exposure to the equity market has been doing most of the driving. Read more

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