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Solving for the Qualitative Deficit in Financial Planning

Tim Maurer in Forbes on why life planning is a vital part of financial planning. Read more

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What’s Your Money Quotient? A Chat with MQ’s Amy Mullen

There’s power in knowing your why and then planning accordingly. Manisha Thakor and Money Quotient’s Amy Mullen talk financial life planning on the MoneyZen Podcast. Read more

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Three Ways to Write Your Own Story, Like Baseball’s Daniel Norris

Know your values. Have the courage to live by them. Excel. Tim Maurer with a method for discerning your most important financial goals and some thoughts on what Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Norris can teach us about writing our own story. Read more

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Dealing With the ‘Personal’ in Personal Finance

Does your advisor know the real you? Tim Maurer gets personal on the topic of the adivsor/client relationship in this month’s post for Money magazine. A good read for advisors and clients alike! Read more

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