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The Most Important Money Question

Why is money important to you? The CFA Institute’s Lauren Foster on how Carl Richards unpacks the vital and foundational question of “Why?” in his new book, “The One-Page Financial Plan.” Read more

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Finding the Right Balance of Time and Money

How you value the exchange between money and time can shift with circumstance and perspective. Carl Richards on trading time for money and money for time. Read more

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Rethinking Money, Not as Good or Bad but as a Tool

Saving is good, spending is bad. Carl Richards on how rethinking this old dichotomy and instead viewing money as a tool to be used can change our feelings toward it. Read more

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A Relationship with Money as a Quest

Goals are great, but does the concept of a “quest” better capture life’s larger issues? Brian Hufford puts “The Happiness of Pursuit” into financial context for medical professionals. Read more

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How to Become a Financially Compatible Couple

What does it take for a couple to become financially compatible? Hint: It starts with communication. Manisha Thakor with some ideas on how to kickstart the conversation. Read more

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